What is a on page seo? How to do? What to learn? A to Z

What is a on page seo? How to do? What to learn? A to Z



We all know there are two types of SEO. One page seo and off page seo.One page seo play a big role in bringing your website to the first page of Google. On-Page SEO is a system by which we can make our webpage or blog page search engine friendly. Before you begin, let me tell you one thing, Google changes the ranking factor on average by 2 every day. So the ranking factor today may not be the ranking factor after 5 years or 2 years. Let’s get started.

Keyword Research

Remember that SEO starts with Keyword Research. For this you need to do keyword research first. You need to do a keyword research and find out a targeted keyword. Based on the keyword you want your website to rank on Google. Depending on this keyword research, how easy or difficult it will be for your website to rank on Google. You must have a targeted keyword or else you will rank on Google.

Title Tag

Suppose, after doing your keyword research, you have got your target keyword. The reason you need to do this is that when you make various posts on your website, it must have a title. And at the beginning of that title you have to use your keyword. For example, let’s say your target keyword is What Is SEO. Then you have to use this keyword at the beginning of the teatel.

SEO-Friendly URLs

Suppose your target keyword is SEO tools. Then you need to use your keyword in the URL. Let’s always try to use a short URL. Because the big URL throws Google into confusion. Meaning what you mean by URL.

Meta Description

Although Google does not currently hold the Meta Description as a ranking factor, it will help indirectly. Because it will increase your CTR. And you must try to use your main keyword in the Meta Description. Here you can use 160 Character if you use it more than it will not appear in search engine

Use H1 Tag

You must try to use your main keyword within the H1 tag.

Add Keywords In The Beginning of Your Post
You must try to use your main keyword within 100 words of the post.

H2 And H3 Tag

We will definitely try to use the H2 and H3 Tag in our webpage. And use our target keywords.

Use Multimedia In Blog Post

You must try to use multimedia in your blog post. Here is what multimedia means (Image, Video, Slide)

Use Social Share Button

You must try to use the Social Share Button on your website. This will help you increase your website visits. And it is very important for Un Page SEO.

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