Earn from the Internet: Earn by uploading files

Earn from the Internet: Earn by uploading files । 


Want to earn money using the Internet? Very easy?

Can do Upload files to the Internet. Whenever someone downloads that file you get paid for every download. No idea what to upload. Download and upload popular files on various torrent sites, from wherever youtube.

File sharing is a popular Internet service. Every day millions of people are exchanging files of all kinds, from software, games, video, audio. The sites that do this work are also making money in other ways, including advertising. It is part of that. Visitors to sites where there are more download items, so they spend some money alone.

That’s why all you need is a good internet connection.

Register at a site that offers this service for free. Upload file The income will start to come along.

One such site is ShareCash. You can subscribe here for free. The size of each uploaded file can be up to a maximum of 20 MB.

There are alternative ways to upload larger files, including videos. Zip the password and upload the file to pirate-bay or such site. Upload the password to them. Where to download the password from the text file with the original file.

There are some rules. Do not violate copyright laws, do not upload pornography, etc.

Sharecash will pay you 5 to 5 cents per download. 5 cents for countries like America, Britain, etc., less so for small countries. You will get 1 to 5 dollars for every 3 downloads, 3 to 5 dollars per thousand.

They will pay by check or paypal.

If this method is successful, you can earn a lot more by renting a dedicated server with a faster connection.

Sharecash has to be registered from here


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