Blogging is a way to earn millions of rupees a month

Blogging is a way to earn millions of rupees a month

If you can create a blog site, then with this one blog site you can earn income for the rest of your life and you can sit on your feet for the rest of your life. With just one website, you have to work hard and create a website. If you are able to earn from the website

you are on your own there are many ways to earn money through the website at You can use the free Google Blogger to create a website and you can use WordPress which is the free version if you want and you can buy a hosting domain and buy a website through WordPress which you can create with whatever you want. All in all, but if you create a site with WordPress, you will need to c Get a little more


How to Create a Website or Blog Site

It doesn’t take much to create a website. To create a website you need to buy a domain. You can buy a domain from any market list and after buying a domain you have to buy a space to keep the files that will be on your website. Hosting is a site that means you have to host another domain to create a website Color to buy

Buying a top level domain can cost you around $ 10 to $ 12. If you do not buy the top level domain you will be able to buy the domain at a lower price and there are some marketplaces in the top level domain that offer the top level domain at very low prices such as name chip end. Woman T is only 1 1 and it is a dot com domain in a marketplace for ড 1 and once you pay it you can You can buy a domain from the Marketplace

Hosting To keep your website files you must buy a hosting server Hosting is very expensive You can start with any one of the first shared hosting The price of shared hosting is not very high You can get from any marketplace for বছরের 50 a year You can buy a hosting plan that is approximately five ha in your domain hosting You can buy a domain and a hosting for a website for Rs. Will not

How To Create Free Website

If you want to buy domain-hosting and can create a website, you must lose some status and since you use it, you will not get this kind of trial for free. You can create a website for yourself by typing Blogger Bangla Tutorial on YouTube. If you search, you will find many videos. Age will not see a video that you are from there you will be able to create a completely free website and through the website you are able to earn any kind will not be a problem

Blogger is a Google site that you can create a free website with and you can wait with Google Adsense from where you can earn a lot of money and by creating a website with this blogger you can buy a custom domain only if your website is a You can convert it on the master website so that no one will understand that Or create a website with WordPress spinner through to create a theme of your choice absolutely professional-quality content for your website that can be found in premium quality

Work on any topic on your website

You can write about any subject on your website, you can earn income on that subject and you will get Google AdSense account approval. You can write well on the subject you know well. If you know technology well, you can create various technology related websites. The kind of technology tips and tricks you can teach people is your way Through this website through the site and you can earn large amounts of money

 If you know a lot about health, you know about health, or if you are a health medical student, you can create a health related website and write down some health tips and tricks that are useful to people and people will come to read them and actually visit. The more visitors you get and the more you earn If you know Islamic issues well, you can create an Islamic blog where you can spread different types of Islamic messages to people. This will be your income and you will have a good job.

 However, most of the blogs that people block most are news technology and health. If you can create a blog site and know it well, you will soon get an AdSense account and earn good money because all these things are regular. It works and if you don’t know anything then you can create a news website There are many types of topics for publishing news. There are many types of topics for publishing news. Technology Healthy in which you can’t actually find the topic. If you write a lot and there is nothing to write, but if you keep writing news, you will keep getting news one after another. And you can continue to write on your website, but the CPC of the news site is a little less you a little more You have to work hard and post more

 How to make income with website

If you have a popular website, you can earn many ways with that website. If you can take the approach to Google Adsense on your website, you can earn a lot of money by doing a Google Adsense ads show. About 5 to 10 hours from AdSense if your website is almost every day If visitors come, you can earn 3 to 5 dollars per day from Google Adsense if you are a Bangladeshi visitor and if you are a USA Canada visitor then you can earn every day. With this visitor you can earn about 20 to 30 dollars. I hope you understand. How much money can be made through Google Adsense

 What to do if you do not get Google Adsense Approval. You don’t have to do much to get Google Adsense Approval. For Google AdSense Prover, you have to publish good quality content on the website and you have to publish Quality Full & Publishing. Will have About Us Contractor and Privacy Policy on your website If these are to be on your website with Google Adsense you will ayaprabhala If you do not ayaprabhala Google AdSense ad network in addition to it, there are many more to join in and the income you can make your website can manitaijesana

On the web site you can get sponsor ads from different companies. With sponsors you can also earn income on your website. Different companies contact the owners of different websites to promote their products and their offers so you must have contact page on your website. Be able to contact you and sponsor you With that sponsor you can earn a large amount of income and many people can pay you to take a post on your website to review a company’s product and with that money you can make a post on your website about their product. This way you can earn income from your website

All you have to do is increase your website revenue

Once you have created a complete website then your income will not start coming. You must reach your website to the people and SEO your website so that people can know about your website. For that to come, you must do several tasks such as on-pay Off-Page SEO SEO tasks you have to do this if you can do these tasks well, your website can earn more than the amount that you and your website will create a branding

 To create your website branding you must have a Facebook page on your website and an account on Twitter where you can share and link your website links regularly which will bring a lot of visitors to your website and the number of visitors to your website. The amount of your website will come Esi more visitors, and more of your income will come

You can do marketing for your website if you want. If you can do marketing for your website, you can get a lot of visitors. You will get a lot of followers and in that follow You can also link your website to reach the annulment of the increase in visitors to your website and increase your earning

The last few words

Here are some suggestions from me and from my own personal experience. With a website you can earn a good amount of money. It will definitely require a lot of visitors. If you can rate more good money then you can earn at least 5 to 10 dollars per day from your website And if you can blogging in English then you can earn as much money in Bangladesh You can earn up to three times more money than you can make and you will certainly create a page on social media to build your website, especially since there is a lot of visits from Facebook, and you must create a Facebook page and you can add some You can campaign through which you will get a lot of followers and your website to them You can reach me through the links of your website

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