How to make money from youtube

How to make money from youtube

Currently YouTube is a popular website for earning money, YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world.
Hey, you can earn millions of rupees every month by using YouTube.
What you need to do on YouTube.

You don’t need anything to do YouTube, you need to have a Gmail account to start YouTube and you will have a YouTube channel as soon as you sign in to YouTube with that Gmail account.

And once the channel is done, do you have to upload videos to YouTube regularly, then you will be successful on YouTube.

You can upload any kind of video on youtube. You can make funny videos with your friends if you want. You can make short films. There are many more ways. You can also make videos. Can publish.

You can make a lot of money from YouTube if you can teach people about something good.

If you know graphic design or Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator and Video Editor have some software that works. If you know all that software you can upload them to YouTube for people to learn and lots of people to watch all these videos. Income can.

How To Succeed On YouTube

You must be patient to succeed on YouTube. If you lose patience with yourself, you will not be successful on YouTube. The more you share, the more views your video will get.

How YouTube pays us.

The way YouTube pays us All the videos we upload on YouTube We are the publisher of YouTube and there are more advertisements of YouTube. They give advertisements of different products on YouTube.

You need to earn money through monetization on youtube. You currently need 4,000 hours of watch time to get monetized on youtube and you need 1 thousand subscribers. You need to have 4,000 hours of watch time and 1 thousand subscribers in the last one year. If so, you can apply for monetization on YouTube.

If your YouTube channel becomes monetized, you can start earning money from the next day and YouTube’s income is a passive income that once you train your channel, to a certain extent, people will always be there and watch your video. Your video will be advertised and if you show that advertisement, you will start earning income.

By uploading any type of video you get more views.

Almost all types of videos get a lot of views. If the content quality of your video is good, you can upload any type of video you want on YouTube. You will be angry at YouTube. You will get many views on the video.

You need to know what word research to bring more views to the video. If you can do titles and tags by doing word research then your video can come up in search result and if your video comes up above the search result, many people will click on your video. There is a lot more.

In order to get a view on the video, you must have some strong social media account, such as Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus account, which has a lot of followers. The more views you get on your videos, the more views YouTube gets In addition to the video upload videos to rank person you plenty of social media can bring people to rank your video very quickly.

No videos of any kind can be uploaded to YouTube.

No videos related to drugs can be uploaded on YouTube. No videos of any kind such as narcotics can be uploaded on YouTube. It is forbidden to upload any video that harms people.
Moreover, some hacking related videos cannot be uploaded. If you upload all these related videos to YouTube, then YouTube will not give you monetization and if you upload such videos even after monetization, then your channel can suspend YouTube for life.

You can upload any type of video.

You can upload almost all kinds of videos on YouTube if the quality of those videos is good, but you can make some funny videos with your friends like funny videos, you can publish those funny videos on YouTube and create a team with your friends. You can do it to work.

Tutorial Video You can create a channel with your tutorial video on YouTube, not just people who come to watch movie song entertainment

on YouTube, but people come to YouTube to learn a lot. A tutorial on any topic you can earn income by publishing You can make a person give up on YouTube.

A lot of people come to YouTube to learn and YouTube has a category of education. You can work in that education category if you know something good.

How to make money on YouTube.

YouTube usually pays in two ways.

One is by check.

Another is through banks.

Money is earned from YouTube through Google Adsense account Google’s platform is YouTube and Google’s platform is Google Adsense You can view your YouTube money in Google Adsense account and when that money becomes ড 10 then you add one Google Adsense to the address you created. Google will send the PIN and with that PIN when you have your AdSense account Once verified, you can add a bank account to your AdSense account.

And after adding a bank account, you can easily bring YouTube money into your bank account so that Google sends payment to your account between 20 and 25 months per month.

And this money coming in does not take too long or it will be transferred to your bank account within a short time.

And if you bring a check by means of a check through another medium, then the address that you brought to Google AdSense PIN will send you the check every month and with that check you can come to the bank to make a buck.

Making Income Through Youtube Channel is a smartwatch that works before you will continue to get your lifetime income. There is no doubt that people are earning millions of rupees by working on youtube. You can also upload videos on youtube if you want. Can earn money.

There are a lot of people using youtube and there are a lot of visitors on youtube that visitors are constantly using youtube you can earn money by uploading your own videos on youtube if you want to upload videos on youtube many people are currently crazy about how it will work on youtube but watch If it goes, it goes down on YouTube but it cannot be successful.

What you need to do to be successful on YouTube.

You don’t have to do much to succeed on YouTube, you just have to stick to YouTube for YouTube success, so that you can trust in yourself and wait for you to upload videos for them. After working two to three months you will be able to move on to a good level.

If you work well with a youtube channel then after two months you can get monetization from youtube and that is very easy if you upload 50 videos and if the video quality is good then you upload 50 videos with 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. You can easily bring and monetize your channel now from where you can earn millions of rupees. Be able to.

Create branding for your own channel.

When you come to work on YouTube, you must create a branding for yourself by creating a logo and creating a cover photo called Channel Art.

If you want to create these things in the name of your channel, you can create a Facebook page or Twitter account so that you feel like a branding. If you can work on YouTube in such a way, I hope you will be able to succeed very quickly.
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