What is Google AdSense and how to get Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense and how to get Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a popular advertising network, which is a service published by Google Adsense through various types of ad publishers. Ads are also displayed on various websites and YouTube channels inside various apps.

Google AdSense is currently the most popular advertising network in the world. The site’s content writer and youtubing, who are always hoping for Google Adsense, can generate a lot of income from Google AdSense.

 To get Google AdSense you must have a website or a YouTube channel. If you have a website you can apply for Google AdSense and if the content of your website is good then Google AdSense will approve without your website You can use the ad network to earn income from your website Robben

 Moreover, if you have a YouTube channel YouTube channel, you can apply through the Google Adsense is good if you are on your YouTube channel and videos in your YouTube channel to get the public’s Adsense will be manitaijesana and an Adsense account will be created

 Adsense is generally of two types 

 This is a Hosted Adsense account. Another non-Hosted Adsense account is the SMS that you create using Google. If you apply Google Adsense from Hosted Adsense YouTube, then your AdSense account will be hosted on your AdSense account because you are uploading video inside Google. Google AdSense account created because of your a Hosted Adsense on this count can only show ads on your YouTube channel through these apps. You can not display ads anywhere but can be upgraded from non-hosted ads to non-hosted ads.

 Non Hosted Adsense Non Hosted Adsense is if you have your own domain then if you apply for Google Adsense with that website then your AdSense account will have non hosted Hosted Adsense because you are using one of your web site in your hosting and your hosting product I want to authenticate with this AdSense account is not Hosted Adsense Account Non Hosted Adsense Account allows you to do everything on your website and link your YouTube channel to your non-hosted account.

 Terms to get it from YouTube

 Some of the conditions for getting YouTube AdSense are 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel in a year and the videos you have must have a total watch time of 4000 hours, then you will have the opportunity to apply for AdSense through

YouTube and all the videos you upload to YouTube. Videos must be within the YouTube Community Guidelines if Commune If the video uploaded to break the guidelines will not receive Google Adsense

 Rules for applying Google AdSense through the website

 The rule for applying to Google AdSense through the website is that you must have the necessary pages on your website and you must publish good quality content on your website.

The website must have the necessary pages to get Google AdSense such as Privacy Policy Samsung Condition and About Pages. These pages must be on your website. If you want to apply to Google AdSense, you can apply Google AdSense and your website posts. If it is good then Google Adsense will be approved

Google Adsense Payment

 How Google AdSense is usually paid by two. This is by check. Another is by bank transfer. If 100 100 is credited to your Google AdSense account, Google will send a letter to your address on the 21st of the following month, the address from which you created Google AdSense. If you have linked the bank account to the address then your money is Google Your bank account will send any kind of requests do not have to

 Google Adsense payment options Verify that you address in your Google search to create your Adsense account dollars at the same address in a pickup will send the PIN code matches your adsense account set installed If you do, your payment will be verified and on the 21st of every month your bank will not Google will send the money yakaunte

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